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Effect Of Technology


Recent research shows how our life has changed from conducting business to carrying out our daily activities. Technology has simplified things as compared to recent past where almost everything was manual.

Social networking technologies help people to link with others via the internet. They are becoming part of the frame of the online existence. It enables dangerous as well as useful communication around the globe and other geopolitical boundaries.

Additive manufacturing allows a machine to build an object by adding one layer of material at a time. 3D printing is already in use in making of models from plastics sectors to aerospace industries. In future, this knowledge will replace the traditional massive production especially for low output or where mass customization has high profits. Visit connexdrones.com for further readings.

The military is using the motorized vehicles in their operations. Mining companies are also adapting to this technology while mining from dangerous deposits. This technology will help in conflict resolution, transportation, and military operations while presenting different security risks that could be challenging to address.
New resource technology can assist in enhancing water management through desalination and irrigation and rising of energy through improved oil and gas extraction and another energy source like wind and solar power. The communication technology will make the potential effect on the environment and health well known to the increasing learned population.

Diagnostic devices help in diseases management becoming better, less costly and personalized. The genetic testing hastens the disease diagnosis and helps health experts to decide on the right treatment. This technology has helped in lengthening and improvement on the life that we live. Know more claims about technology at http://edition.cnn.com/style/article/architecture-technology-innovations/index.html .

Prosthetic and powered exoskeleton to brains enhance cement has been made easier by the advancement of the health technology. It will allow people and military to work more efficiently in environments that were perceived inaccessible.

Robotics is an important innovation to note. Many industries are using manufacturers in their companies. Many military groups are using robots in the battlefields. Home based robots do the cleaning from vacuum to cutting of lawns while hospital robots distribute supplies and monitor the corridors. Their use will rise in future, and with cognitive abilities enhancing, robotics will replace humans in almost every occupation.

While we continue to use technology, it is important to check, whether it contributes to healthy behavior. Some of the devices that we use can be very addictive and can lead to negative health habits like loss of sleep to harmful rays produced by some of the devices. We should approach technology with care to reap significant benefits from its advancement. Check out this great article .